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Helping the Community - Slocum School

posted Jun 2, 2015, 9:11 AM by Eileen Panico
Camille Marulli, Member of RCA, attended our May 14, 2015 meeting and afterwards, spoke with President, Bruce Edwards regarding a safety issue on the roads near the Slocum School. Children walking to school from the neighborhood do not have a sidewalk on the Pamlico Avenue side of the school, making it a danger. 

Bruce Edwards, Pres and Eileen Panico, VP, Stopped by on the 19th to speak to the principal, Mr. Delio and Camille and took a look at the situation. It looked to be easily remedied and the RCA asked Camille and Mr. Delio to continue gathering signatures on their petition.

On May 27, Bruce and Eileen, met with Trish Bergin, Councilwoman for Islip, and spoke about installing sidewalks and curbs. Ms. Bergin assured the RCA that she would look into it. 

Today, June 2nd, the RCA received a call from Gene Murphy, Islip Town Planning Department, told us Ms. Bergin spoke with him about the situation and advised us that he would be sending people to survey the site. 

The RCA will keep you updated on the progress as we hear more!