Meet the Candidates Night 10-13-16

posted Oct 17, 2016, 8:57 AM by Eileen P   [ updated Oct 17, 2016, 9:04 AM ]
The RCA invited the following to our Meet the Candidates Night

State Assembly
Al Graf v. Deb Slinkosky (video below)

Fitzpatrick v. Macellaro
 (Mr. Fitzpatrick sent his regrets as he would be in Ireland that night - Mr. Macellaro did not respond to our invitation)

State Senate
Tom Croci v. John Devito (video below)

Boyle v. Alberts (neither candidate responded to our invtiation)

House of Representatives
King v Gregory (video below) 
Mr. King did not respond to our invitation

Zeldin v. Holst (video below)

Schumer v. Long (neither candidate responded to our invitation)

Four judges are running and are cross endorsed Frank Tantone attended our meeting to discuss the process (video below) 

Graf. V Slinkosky

Al Graf v. Deborah Slinkosky

Croci v Devito

Tom Croci v. John Devito

King V. Gregory

King v. Gregory

Peter King did not respond to our invitation to the Meet the Candidates night.

Zeldin V. Holst

Frank Tantone for Judge

Zeldin v. Holst

Neither candidate could attend, however both responded to our invitation and sent a representative to give us some information about their campaign

Frank Tantone explains judges campaign  - he is one of 4 running.

Thank you to the candidates who did show to inform our community about their campaigns.